Photo of Willie Freeman

Who Am I?

Willie H. Freeman III is a Bible-believing follower of Jesus the Christ. That means he is also a lover of God, His church, and people in general.

As an only child growing up in Greenwood, SC he entertained himself by mixing the tales from his father’s collection of comic books with his own collection of toys and action figures. He preferred making up games with his friends instead of traditional sports and shied away from activities that lacked a narrative of some sort.

Born to a creative couple from Greenwood, SC, Willie grew up surrounded by music, poetry, art, comics and video games. He was reading at the age of three and creating his own stories by the time he was six. By age 10, was making his own comics and newsletters. At 13, he printed booklets of his poetry for the various girls he admired. In High School, he joined a Hip-Hop group and “toured” the school’s campus during lunch each day. In his mind poetry, music, drawing, animation, role-playing games, and fiction were all types of storytelling.

Willie Freeman decided to integrate technology and education into his passion for storytelling. This would enable him to reach large numbers of people with a variety of narratives that inspired as well as empowered. He completed a Fine Arts degree on a full scholarship to the University of Central Florida, then secured a Digital Arts degree from Full Sail University. He then studied Instructional Design & Computer Education at Florida Institute of Technology.

He began consulting in University of Central Florida’s computer labs immediately. Next, he worked with Full Sail University to help develop their first multimedia library as well as expand their Web Design program from a single class to a full undergraduate degree. Willie then teamed with Florida Institute of Technology to create and staff their Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Currently, he is working with the assistant provost at Florida Atlantic University to develop their newly-formed Center for eLearning. Willie is now the Associate Executive Director at the Center for Online and Continuing Education.

True to his passions, Willie Freeman founded the alternate reality company Incubator Press LLC. Through Incubator Press he publishes the work of emerging artists and writers from Argentina to the Philippines. Past projects include urban fantasy comic books, children’s books, fine art, and poetry. His current projects are the Iron Disciple Christian Hip-Hop series and the Mercy in the Morning podcast.