Happy Birthday Takeya SoFree . Thank you for for the past 22 years of friendship and 14 of marriage. May God bless you this year with the fulfillment of your heart’s desires, the realization of your true potential, the revelation of His will for your life, and the confidence to execute his plans boldly.

I pray peace, healing, joy, and hope into you this year. I pray you be encouraged, embraced, emboldened, and empowered this year. May Jesus the good shepherd guide you gently, lead you lovingly, and lift you up as you have humbled yourself in His sight.

May the Lord make the next 12 months a year of revelation, revolution, and renewal. May the Father cradle you in His arms and speak softly to your spirit. May darkness and doubt retreat from your path.

May God grant you the energy, focus, courage, support, drive, grace, and mercy to walk out the path He set for you. May that path be glorious.

May He grant me the power, peace, and wisdom to make our home a place where you can escape the noise of the world. May He help me walk with you out into the world to share God’s love with everyone in our path. May He and you both forgive my sins and transgressions.

May all your hopes and dreams be realized and no longer be deferred. May God grant you a year of either freedom from or immunity to ignorant criticism and accusation.

I pray God will make me the man you need me to be and make us the family He called us to be. I ask these blessings for your life in the name of the Lord Jesus, the Christ and source of our salvation. May the Word of God and light of the world fill you, heal you, and build you up until your soul is as a mirror reflecting God in all things and every way.

God bless you Takeya Freeman.
I love you more today than I ever have before. May God use the next year to increase our love even more.