December 26.

12 years ago I created an interactive Flash app that featured songs, original poetry and images of the most precious experiences from college. I gave it toTakeya SoFree and humbly pleaded “I’m tired of pretending you aren’t my wife. Tell me who I have to be to become your husband.”

There is no other human being on this planet that I would choose to spend my entire life with. I decided back when my parents split that I would never leave my wife. That meant I had to be discerning about women and even more importantly, honest with myself about who I was seeking and what I expected.

Takeya, I love you with all my heart and I am committed to you for the rest of my life. As Christ loves the church, I love you. As Agnes loves fluffy unicorns, I love you. As Hulu loves perfectly streaming commercials over choppy episodes of our favorite shows, I love you. As Neo loves Trinity, Fonzie loves motorcycles, as Agent Coulson loves Lola, I love you.

I love, cherish, and accept you in the same way you have done so me. All our joys, hardships, confusion, struggles, health challenges, social weirdness, discovery and loss of friends, our *interesting* families, all the preconceptions and misconceptions people have about us, all the dreams and nightmares, victories and obstacles. I love, cherish,and embrace you as you have me … 700%.

I am honored that almighty God saw fit to entrust me with your care. I have no plans of ever letting Him (or you) down.

Mahal Kita
Je t’aime
Ana Behibek
Te amo
S ‘agapó̱
Ani Ohev Otach

Let nothing ever separate that which God has joined together.

Forever and always,
Willie Freeman