It was really dark when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t see anything.

Trying to feel my way through the darkness wasn’t working, and from the bed I couldn’t even see the light switch.

So I launched a YouTube playlist I made of old time gospel and a capella praise songs.

From the bed to the driveway to the Turnpike to the University parking lot I was making a bunch of joyful noise that humans would never mistake for singing.

Thankfully, my soul treated it like a flashlight and I was able to walk by something other than natural sight.

After today, I can speak from experience and say praising God is a powerful tool when it’s too dark to see.

Praising in the light is often intuitive.

Praising in the dark? Try it out next time you can’t see anything.

Keep going until you make it home.

Oh, and while you may not feel the temperature change, sometimes praising through the darkness will cause some condensation to form on your face, but don’t panic.

It’ll dry up by Psalm 30.